USP Labs Jack3D 230g

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Often imitated, never duplicated. Jack3d®: The Ultimate Pre Workout
Training Matrix has one goal and one goal only – to help you dominate
the gym.

If you are trying to take your game to the next level it’s not about
the kitchen sink, it’s about the right ingredients at the right amounts.

Don’t be fooled by a laundry list of ingredients haphazardly thrown together. There’s a reason Jack3d is Jack3d.

Will you second-guess yourself while you’re under the bar on your
next max effort bench or during 20-rep squats? If you’re Jacked you

Ingredients in Jack3d: Intense Training Aid Enhanced with BioCRE

-Creatine (monohydrate AND BioCRE™ anhydrous!)

-L-Citrulline amino acid

-Carnosyn™ Beta Alanine is a patented version of the
beta amino acid Beta Alanine. This ingredient may cause a skin tingle
in some users, which subsides after a few minutes. Many individuals love
this feeling as it gets them hyped for their workout.

-Caffeine is included at 135 mg per scoop. Therefore, a two scoop maximum serving size has 270 mg of caffeine.

-Schisandra Chinensis is native to the Russian Far East and parts of China.

-Rhodiola Rosea is part of the Crassulaceae family and grows in high altitude cold regions of the world. It is considered an adaptogenic herb.

-Pinus Pinaster, also known as the cluster pine or maritime pine, is native to the Mediterranean region.

Jack3d is available in five amazing flavors – Fruit
Punch, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, Dragonberry, Pink Lemonade
and NEW Mango Margarita! – all of which have zero carbs and are

Suitable for Keto and Intermittent Fasting (IF) nutrition plans!

Each bottle is packed with 45 scoops. With a maximum serving
suggestion of 2 scoops (be sure to start at 1 scoop and only increase if
needed), each bottle provides you with an enormous value – especially
considering Jack3d is taken on workouts days only. That’s right, each
bottle will give you between 22.5 and 45 workouts!