Dedicated Gains 4kg

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DEDICATED #GAINZ™ is the ultimate lean muscle support product on the planet. Designed for serious athletes only, Dedicated #Gainz is THE product for those that want to create an environment to build serious muscle mass and increase recovery, not skinny kids looking for a cheap sugar gainer that’ll only make them fat.

“If you want to grow more, you have to eat more.” It’s a mantra that’s as old as the barbell, but still holds true to this day. However, eating more food does not mean eat whatever food you can put your hands on. If you eat rubbish, you'll look like rubbish!
DEDICATED #GAINZ™ was designed as a product to go back to simply eating more healthy real food combined with cutting edge 21st century food technology. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to aid optimal muscle growth without adding any sugar, fats or processed junk.